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Explore Hunt Gather is learning through hands on experience, independent research, and community involvement. The purpose is to uncover our gifts then share them with the world. Discovery through exploration, the answer is in the process. Learning to live, living to learn. Seeing the change and being the inspiration.


Electric Zuza

Playing hits that spark remembrance of the wild and passionate yet poised nature within. Electric Zuza’s mission continues to infuse creative and community culture through performances that not only rock, but foster growth of the new wave of engagement and entertainment.


The Red Sands

Psychedelic garage rock from Pittsburgh, PA. Their infectious energy and tight musicianship creates a powerful connection with each other and audiences as they play their favorite grooves from times past and present.


From Design & Construction to Safety and Budget Millvale Building Company is a contracting company specializing in carpentry. Go to website >

Bamboo And Ferns healthy, vibrant, and full of life cared for and cultivated in our backyard.  Go to website >


Building, Landscaping, Rock and Rolling

 Sean Zuza | seanzuza@gmail.com