EHG Radio "Intention"

Reflecting on the elements of intention and avenues to take action. Discussing the process of creating of a clear concept then speaking on ways to empower our path.

“Purpose is to create space and practice being peace. To cleanse, to be open to the infinite expanding self awareness, awakening to our fullest expression.”

Expansive vision combined with a great work ethic creating a world where people are awesome to each other, building others up exploring our infinite potential through creative endeavors and hands-on learning experience. Spending time focused on building skill-sets and always learning regardless of circumstance. I believe in our creative abilities as humans, it is where the sparks of life ignite!

“Everyone has this awesome power inside, we are here to awaken this power within self and others. Creativity is the vehicle, confidence is the key. Create the space, ignite your imagination this isn’t a race there is no competition, this is one love one vision.”

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